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Sonic Store | Voucher


Enter the voucher-code that is on your voucher or in your email during the ordering process. Please take note of capitalization within the code, as it is case-sensitive. If you make any mistake while apply the voucher, it won’t be accepted!
Click “Redeem” and you’ll instantly receive a notification about whether or not it has been accepted.
The value of your voucher will be deducted from the price of your order, which you can see the ordering process.
If you redeem a gift-voucher (a voucher that has been bought), and the price of your order is lower than the vouchers’ value, the rest of the vouchers’ value will be credited to your user account. You can use this credit for further orders!

Please note: Only one voucher per order can be used!
If you’re unsure about anything, or for some reason your voucher does not work, please contact our Customer Service.


Campaign-vouchers/Promo-Codes are divided between all products within an order percentage-wise. That means if you have ordered two T-Shirts worth € 25 each, and you have used a voucher worth € 10, Each T-shirts’ price will be reduced by half of the vouchers’ value (meaning each T-shirt is now worth € 20). Therefore, you will only be refunded the actual price paid (in this case € 20 per T-shirt).